Feature Life Cycle

See the below diagram showing a typical life cycle of a single story.  The responsibilities of each role are listed in the swim lanes, and the flow chart describes how the feature progresses to a “Completed” state.

Release Management

See below for process flow diagram for release management.  Key points:

  • A release is made up of one or more stories or features
  • A branch is created in the repository for each new release (branched from the most advanced state of the previous release to reduce merge conflicts)
  • Each feature in the release is individually tested (and resolved if necessary) in T2, T3 or T4 environments before progressing
  • A release candidate is a successfully tested release
  • Only release candidates are progressed to T1.  T1 is always deployed as follows:
    • Production is cloned to T1
    • Release candidate is deployed to T1
  • This ensures that the deployment process is also tested on a production clone (less risk of missing a DB script etc that’s critical for deployment if we have a full rehearsal).
  • T1 is regression tested, if everything passes, the release is put into production.