When you cancel any paid subscription, please be warned that all your projects will no longer be available to you once you’ve cancelled your subscription.

This just means that your Projects will no longer be maintained within eTool in that online format. However, you may retain all the data of your projects offline by downloading all the necessary reports from your designs. These reports will contain all the information you have entered into your designs and it is even possible to rebuild your LCA based on the info in those reports should you wish to do so in the future. If you must retain these projects online within the eTool platform, you will need to maintain your current Consultant subscription OR upgrade to a subscription that has the Enterprise functionality so that the projects may be fully transferred to another user within your organisation.

Consultant subscriptions can not be transferred to another user. Should you wish to have that functionality, please consider upgrading to one of our Enterprise Plans. You can find more information on our different subscriptions here.

If you only wish to have have an offline copy of your work, we recommend downloading the following reports:

  • LCA Report
  • All Impacts Report
For Certified designs, the following are additional reports that you may consider downloading:
  • Certifier Review Statement
  • Scenario Summary Tables (only for comparative studies where improvement strategies have been modeled)

Once you’ve downloaded all your reports, you can proceed with cancelling your subscription as per the instructions in this support post:

Cancel My Personal Plan


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