Once you have set up your Organisation Portal (via Specialist or Enterprise Subscriptions), you are allowed to take advantage of ‘sharing’ purchased Specialist or Enterprise seats across multiple users within the same organisation to help save costs. As long as a user is holding a valid seat (Specialist or Enterprise), the user will be able to work on LCA modelling in the software (i.e. create new projects, edit/update existing projects they are assigned to, submit designs for certification, respond to certification review feedback etc). When that seat needs to be passed on to another user in eToolLCD, that first user will need to be reverted to ‘Read Only’ access first to ‘release’ that seat before it can be assigned to another user.

An organisation may waive the minimum (4) Enterprise seats requirement in order to enjoy the Enterprise Functionality feature if at least one Specialist seat has been purchased. In order for an Organisation to qualify for an Access Fee discount on all their projects, the organisation needs to have purchased at least ONE Specialist seat.

Users can only be assigned as a ‘Lead Author’ or ‘Collaborator’ in a project when they are holding a valid (Specialist or Enterprise) seat. However, once a user has been assigned as the ‘Lead Author’ or ‘Collaborator’ for a project, their roles in the project will remain (Lead Author or Collaborator) even if their seat within the Organisation is changed to ‘Read Only’ or ‘Inactive’ unless it is changed. We recommend retaining the same authors and collaborators in the project even if they are no longer working in the organisation, as long as it is an honest representation of the study (i.e. they were mostly responsible for putting the LCA together). If new users have taken over the project, they can be added as a ‘Collaborator’ and can still submit the design for certification as long as they meet other seat/subscription requirements. Note that the above seat-sharing feature is all manually managed by the Organisation Admin (more info on this here).

We have recently released a new feature that automates the seat sharing functionality within the software. If you would like to know more, please read about our Specialist Hotseat & Specialist External Seat.

Organisations that have a mix of both Specialist and Enterprise seats collaborating on the same project need to be aware that the Enterprise seat users will have a limit of 20 design element changes for each project. Breaching this limit will forfeit the Access Fee discount applicable for the project entitled to the Specialist seat. eToolLCD will warn users in the software if an action from the Enterprise seat user will forfeit the Specialist seat’s Access Fee discount. If this is an issue for the organisation, please consider purchasing more Specialist seats and ensuring that all collaborators on the project are Specialist seat users to avoid inadvertently forfeiting the Access Fee discount.


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