Embedding LCA at an organisation level has become easier and will provide added value with centralised ownership of LCA models, floating seats, inter-company collaboration for integrated design and unrestricted number of read-only users.

The subscriptions such as the Enterprise, Specialist & Specialist Hotseat, come with the enterprise functionality which is best for organisations that have developed LCA capacity working on a variable number of projects who prefer some per-project costs to help manage fluctuations in the work.

Enterprise functionality benefits and features:

  • Higher discount on project fees – 40% discount.
  • Centralised ownership of LCA models and intellectual property with the user project data stored and managed centrally by the organisation.
  • Full inter-company collaboration with floating seats to complete LCA modelling and unlimited read-only users.
  • Organisation Portal in eTool allowing organisations to allocate available seats to active users (floating software subscriptions) and view user’s activities.
  • Advanced eTool training
  • ‘Read Only’ seats, Specialist, Specialist Hotseat and Enterprise seat collaboration

Check out how it works in this quick demonstration:

Collaboration between enterprise and specialist users – An organisation may waive the minimum Enterprise seats required if at least one user is a Specialist Subscriber and providing the Organisation has at least one Specialist Subscriber they will also qualify for all Enterprise Subscriber functionality.

If the Enterprise user is the lead author of the study there will be a project access fee associated with that specific project. If the Enterprise user is just a collaborator in the study authored by the Specialist user then there ́s no access fees. Their only limitation is that the Enterprise user minimises the effort in the study to less than 20 added or edited Design elements. eTool will warn users in the system if an action will forfeit the Specialist Subscriber Access fee waiver.

See additional info on How to set your organisation up in eTool – Enterprise Functionality.