Open Use, Consultant, Researcher and Enterprise subscribers are subject to software Access Fees for any project in eToolLCD that is for commercial gain. Only Specialist subscribers has this fee waived.

What is included? The fees provided are for the complete use of eToolLCD software, including all LCA/LCC features associated with your subscription level, development of new features, software maintenance, life cycle inventory data as well as our unique certification service. Software access fee is paid before you start a new project for commercial gain. The certification involves support for the users conducting the LCA by way of coaching them on the use of the software, how to report and how to build an audit trail of changes in the model. It is an interactive process to ensure users’ model and project not only meets required standards but also gains the most value out of engaging with Life Cycle Design.

Why does eTool charge an access fee? From day one, eTool recognised the importance of comparable and accurate results flowing from our software. By checking users’ inputs, eTool can ensure comparability. ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for LCA call for all studies to be verified by a third party, therefore it made sense for us to offer this certification service as we understand the inner workings of the software which is important for an LCA verification. It also provides us with a revenue model that doesn’t require large upfront fees since the project budget is no longer a key factor in commissioning an LCA, thus allowing the proliferation of affordable LCAs and lower impact buildings.

How is the fee calculated? Access Fees will vary depending on project size and type. For a more accurate fee figure specific for your project please request a quote. The table below is an indicative guide on how much you can expect the fee to be for your project. More information on the different subscriptions can be found here.

Additional information can be found at the Project Licenses and Project Certification sections of eToolLCD Software Use Terms and Conditions and eTool Services Specification.

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