As our user base grows, it becomes more challenging to manage the support requests we receive from our users. In order to ensure that we fairly allocate time to address support requests from all our users, we have adopted a support management platform to help us manage your support requests better and more equitably. Please note that it is company policy not to respond to support requests sent directly to individual personnel. Support requests will only be addressed if they are sent through the support management platform.

If you need to submit a support request, you can do so by sending an email directly to or by clicking on the ‘Request Support’ button on our support site (see below). If you are emailing it is important that you DO NOT include any additional recipients in the email (To., Cc., Bcc. etc) as that may cause an error in the generation of the support request in our system. Please do not submit support requests on behalf of another user. The support request should only be submitted by the user requiring support, because communication will only be directed to the registered email address of the individual that made the support request. This is important because we need to communicate directly with the affected user to ensure that the right support is provided.

Below are a couple of important details that would be very helpful to include when submitting your support request:

  • Link to the Project, Structure, Design, Template or EPD etc that you require assistance with.
  • Screen grabs to illustrate the error or problem you’re experiencing

If your support request was generated successfully, you will receive an email receipt with your support ticket number to notify you that your support request has been received.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can navigate to our Support Site and click on ‘Request Support’ at any time to create a new support request, view the status of or edit/update your ticket(s).