Template is a group of elements combined together to streamline the completion of an LCA model using eTool. A concrete slab template for example can be split into materials (concrete, steel reinforcement, timber formwork), equipment (concrete pump) and assembly (concreter). Or if you are using a services template for an Air Conditioning system, a template will contain all materials that make up for the equipment itself (steel, rubber, aluminium) plus the refrigerant gas and estimated operational energy consumption. By combining all elements in one template it makes the model completion quicker and more complete, and the software will proportionally allocate the impacts associated with each element depending on how the template was created using the Unit and the Library Template Quantity.
The template Unit can be defined by the user and it can vary from kg, m2, m3, whole office, or any other unit specified by the user. The Library Template Quantity is the basis of the template used to calculate all elements quantities.
Concrete Floor, 100mm slab. 25MPA. 3.8% reo
Library Template Quantity is =1/m2
So, if a concrete slab of 200m2 is required in design, user can enter quantity 200m2 because the ratio of that template is 1/m2.
Note: the basis of the template can change to facilitate its creation or to follow an specific bill of quantities. A framed wall template for example can be created on a 2.4m2 basis to match a wall height, so when you add this template to your design, let´s say 1000 m2 of wall, the template quantity entered needs to be 1000/2.4, or 416.67.
Templates are available at the eTool library and include years of research from Cerclos staff and eTool users. Templates will have a globe symbol when they are public and a “thumbs up” symbol when they are validated. More about validated templates here or creating templates.
Users should be able to find a template for all elements of a building whether it be substructure footings and pilings, construction types for walls, floors or roofs and internal finishes as well as different building services.