Technically yes, legally no. Our terms are quite specific about data ownership, see the below extract with the red highlighted text:

Subscriber Data
By using the Platform, certain data and design documentation will be uploaded and entered into The Platform. The Subscriber retains all of their right, title and interest in and to its Data, and ownership of such Data shall not be transferred to eTool under this agreement. Subscribers grant us a nonexclusive license to use Data to deliver Services to authorized users of the Platform, solely in connection with the Structure and further grants us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to use usage data (such as, by way of example and not by way of limitation, aggregated and / or averaged Structure performance information) in an aggregated form that does not identify individual persons or organizations, in order to compile statistics regarding life cycle environment and cost impacts, report on the Platform usage and/or to improve the Services.

Our agreement is with the Subscriber (regardless of who pays the bill for the subscriber).  So for non-enterprise users it’s the user themselves who owns the data.  We can’t transfer it or copy it without their consent.  The Enterprise, Specialist & Specialist Hotseat subscriptions have enterprise functionality so that businesses who want to retain their IP can do so and Cerclos can support this practice in a legal manner.  If you are a business that wants to retain your IP as staff transition in and out of your organisation, you will need one of these subscriptions.

If a Consultant plan subscribe gave us consent to transfer data between accounts the actual process is a manual task that has risk associated with it depending on the data in question.  For this reason, Cerclos may refuse the request, or charge a fee for the service if it is agreed to proceed.

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