At Cerclos, our certifiers are first and foremost reviewing all LCA studies according to EN 15978 and ISO 14044 best practice standards.

Any rating system specific requirements are to be addressed by the study author, not the certifier. Where a rating system’s requirements are not in accordance with EN 15978, the associated quality checks will be left in question even if it may not affect the certification of the design. This is because the eTool automated reporting assumes all eTool studies are aiming for EN 15978 compliance.

As such, where the study falls short of EN 15978, the certifier’s responsibility is only to highlight the issues and their concerns with the study which is summarised in the Certifier Review Statement (example below). The onus is then on the study author if they wish to proceed with the certification against the advice of the certifier.

For more information on the different standards and eTool’s compliance, please refer to this support post: eTool Compliance with International Standards