People impact is divided into:
– Transportation of staff to the construction site. Distance is default but can be adjusted depending on service provider location.
– Construction energy use by trade staff small or large equipment.
– Recurring (transportation and construction) depending on maintenance interval.

People impact Life Cycle stage can be selected between:
– Cleaning Services – reported in B2
– Construction and Replacement – reported in A5 and B4
– Deconstruction – reported in C1
– Design and Professional Services
– Maintenance only – reported in B2

People impact can be included in eToolLCD default scope but it’s optional in EN15978 and not included in Product Category Rules (PCR) – Buildings – Product Category Classification: UN CPC 531 2014:02 VERSION 2.0.

eToolLCD gives the users the ability to consider people impact because staff transport and recurring impacts can have a significant contribution over a project life cycle and should be minimised when possible.