“Correct” is a probably never really possible in LCA in any country using a default data set. All manufacturers have different manufacturing techniques, different source stocks etc that will change the impacts of the products. I do believe however that regional differences are often not huge, apart from very energy intensive materials where there’s a big shift in the source of energy (e.g. Aluminium from hydro electricity vs Aluminium from Coal / Gas fired electricity). The other thing to remember however is that often we source materials from other regions anyway (import products).

Notwithstanding the above, I think the Global LCI source would be sufficient for projects in the regions you spoke of, and we can run a sensitivity to other regional LCI sources to ensure the design decisions you’re making aren’t compromised. We will need to update our Electricity Grids to accomodate the local grids, if you have a commercial project let us know and we will likely do this without charge. If it’s a non-profit project we can at least give you a good “proxy” grid to work with while we work towards these grid updates in the future.