Hi Jeewei,

In order to model what you’re proposing, you’ll need a concrete template that has split the concrete into the individual component parts (portland cement, aggregate and sand). I’ve created a very simple test template here for your reference.

Note that in this template I’ve included two nested templates for the concrete – one with normal aggregate and one with recycled aggregate for you to compare the difference it makes. As you can see the improvement is marginal and doesn’t account for any compensation that may be required for the concrete mix using recycled aggregate.

If would still like to model this recommendation for your project/client, you’ll have to create new templates (of course without doubling up on the concrete in the one template like this test template) using this methodology as we don’t have this type of concrete template in our library.

You’ll need to make sure that you’re using the correct cement/sand/aggregate ratios required for the concrete specification for your project. You’ll also need to check with a structural engineer for feedback on whether it is a straight forward swap between the two types of aggregate or if that affects the concrete strength.