Hi Jeewei, there is a material for BFS in the material library however that material is for the the whole concrete with %BFS in it rather than with separate components so you won’t be able to model what you want with that methodology. You could perhaps try it this way however there are limitations as this template is using the IMPACT dataset which means some material options won’t be available on the Australasian dataset. However it should give you a gist of what I mean.

There is however a risk with DIY templates such as what you’re trying to do due to there being lots of other factors which can affect the strength and quality of the concrete making it possibly not a viable ‘mixture’ if that makes sense? If the mixture you’re trying to model actually exists as a product, I would strongly advice getting the manufacturer to provide an EPD which you can then enter into eToolLCD. That will probably be the most reliable & accurate way to model that product.