Hi Nish,

I’ve updated the sheet to filter for multi-splits. We have however worked on a number of developments where they opted for one split system for the whole apartment. I’m not an expert on HVAC but I believe MEPS / Australian Standards only introduced the standards for multi splits in 2013 (prior to that multi-splits were not covered) so no doubt there’s some lag there in the testing of new units. I’ve updated the sheet with the latest download from the MEPS database and filtered for multi-splits. There’s over 20 that meet the requirements. I checked a few out and they seem pretty typical in size and price.

Historically we haven ever had significant push back from mechanical teams when specifying this. Ocassionally they’ve come back and dropped the hurdle a little and we’ve just updated the LCA. There was some confusion early on when MEPS didn’t cover multi-splits however this was overcome by reaching out to manufacturers and specifying the minimum COP / EER requirements. Daikin were usually most responsive and it so happened that most of the mechanical consultants we encountered preferred Daikin. So quite often they were complying with the recommendation without even actually knowing it.