Hi Charlotte,

I’ll answer your second question first. You won’t be able to specify the transportation impacts for the building materials itself as the ‘Equipment’ category is mainly for the energy use & transport of larger equipment used for the construction process. The ‘People’ category is for impacts relating to assembly/construction impacts for the building (i.e. transport & energy use of people and smaller equipment/tools).

For the transport of the whole building unit (as a building material) to site, that would come under the material inputs itself.

new product transport to site

In this example, I’m assuming a whole unit constructed out of SIPs which contains OSB board. You’d probably want to edit the transport to site distances to be the same for all the material inputs by changing it from ‘material default’ to manual input.

For prefabricated whole building units, I would recommend that you use the ‘Offsite manufacturing/prefabrication process’ to account for the equipment use of off-site manufacturing the unit.


With regards to your first question, I believe you have just uncovered a bug for us. Thanks for that. I have flagged this to our software team to look into it. Hopefully we’ll have an answer for you soon.