Hi Max,

We encourage users to create their own custom templates if they are unable to find a suitable existing template. This topic has been covered in our Beginner’s Training Course.

I note that you have not completed the course yet, which is free to all users registered with eTool regardless of subscription. I strongly recommend that you complete this before attempting to model your LCA to avoid a frustrating experience and mistakes down the line.

Another option is to use existing templates as a proxy/placeholder as an approximate estimate of the material impacts for those equipment items. This should be sufficient for the material side of things since the biggest impact area will probably be in the annual operational energy use for those items which will require more research or data from the product manufacturers.

Do note that module B6+ impacts are typically out of scope for most rating schemes and international standards though. Nonetheless, it will be very informative and beneficial if you’re able to include these impacts into your LCA.