Hi Fei,

I’m still somewhat confused. Perhaps I’ll better describe the project details:

– a new 60,000m2 GFA hospital building;
– 5,000m2 refurbishment works (new flooring finishes, internal walls, ceilings, fixtures and fittings and equipment, and some infill concrete slabs) within the existing 90,000m2 hospital. So 85,000m2 of the existing hospital is retained, with 5,000m2 of refurbishment works.

So for the existing hospital, I don’t know the service life of the existing materials (the existing building is approx 30 years old). But do I need to model the existing 85,000m2 concrete slabs in Reference Design, and can then delete these in the Proposed Design as they are being retained? Modelling that much existing/retained structure does impact

With regards to the existing 85,000m2 building, do I add this area to the Project Functions to account for both retained and new floor area?