Hi Nikola, looks like you have not completed our eToolLCD training course. Are you new to eToolLCD? You’ll find your answer when you complete our free software training courses.

We require that all our users complete the software training course to be formally recognised as a certified eToolLCD user. We also strongly recommend our long term users to complete the online training course as not only is it a good refresher to cover new features in the software since your initial training (online live training), your course completion record will be linked to your eTool profile which will form part of your profile identity in the eTool Community. In the future, this will affect how the software performs for you in terms of whether you can submit a design for certification (user needs to hold a valid subscription and completed the beginner training course) etc.

The course is free to all eTool users. Once you’ve fully registered your account, click on the ‘Help’ link on the top right corner of the eToolLCD page to access the support site at any time.

When you’re at the support site, just click on the eToolLCD training icon to enrol in the course.