Hi Max,

I’m not eTool, but another user, trying to come to grips with this business of quantities.
It looks to me like the template creator has used 140m3 as a convenience, since that is the hourly output rate for the concrete pump. The resulting GWP output of the Library Template Qty is essentially for one hour of pumping.

I have just now tried cloning a GSB template, then pulling it in (as-is, no changes) to the Design, and in the process setting the Design Template Qty figure to 495m3 (a value different than the LTQ of 140).

I found that inside the template (in my design) it scales and adjusts all of its elements’ quantities, relative to 495/140.
So as far as I can tell, there is no explicit requirement to do any adjustments manually.

I then also tried out adjusting the LTQ of my cloned template, and here I came unstuck.
It appears to be the case that adjusting the LTQ has no effect on the quantities generated by the elements within it.
There appears to be no link between the LTQ and the material quantity of the Elements it contains. This feels awkward, as it requires a user to manually adjust their elemental quantities if they want to deliver a template with a different LTQ.

Would be good to have this confirmed.