Hi Max and Anthony,

Thank you for jumping in to help Max with his query, Anthony! You’re right about the LTQ not being an issue when you’re adding the template into your design. eTool automatically scales the material quantities in the template accordingly.

However, as you’ve pointed it out, this doesn’t work the other way where the LTQ scales the material inputs within the template library. This is intentionally designed this way so that the template can be whatever ratio/scale that you wish to create and it’s not fixed until you add the template into your Design.

Another thing to note is that after you’ve added the template to your design, you can ‘unlock’ the template within your design to model further edits/adjustments to the template. If you edit the material quantities within the template, it will


automatically scale the rest of the materials within the template nor the master template quantity accordingly. (i.e. If the Template quantity is 10m3 of concrete, when you change the actual material input IN the template to 15m3 of concrete, the Template quantity remains as 10m3).

However, if you change the master template quantity within your Design (not the Library) to 15m3, eTool will automatically scale all the material/assembly/nested template inputs within that template accordingly.

I hope that answers your questions!