Adding new types of equipment

  • Hi there,

    I am using e-tool and one issue that I have run into is that in the drop down menu of types of equipment to choose from, some of the equipment I wish to test are not available. For example I am trying to put the hours for a mixer truck on a template in the equipment section but this option is not available.

    Therefore, I was wondering is there a way in which one can add an option to these drop down menu’s? (providing the correct data is available)

    Many Thanks!

    Hi Elliot,

    Firstly, depending on which LCI source (IMPACT or eTool default) your project is using, the equipment options will vary.

    For the default dataset, we generally use ‘Concrete Pump’ for concrete mixer trucks. With the IMPACT dataset, you can use concrete pump OR ‘large electrical equipment (eg. mixer)’ although that sounds more like those floor mixers rather than a whole truck.

    Please refer to this support post for the comprehensive list of equipment available in eToolLCD:

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