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  • I would like to know where does Steel and Aluminum come from in the eTool Australasia LCI database (ie where is the manufacturer origin).
    Looking at the GWP impact of each for Module A4 (Transport of material), it contributes about 2-3% of the total GWP impact. If it is assumed in Australasia LCI database that the materials are from Australia, the total GWP impact will be quite different if the materials are from overseas (eg China)

    Hope you will be able to help me on this. I understand eTool is probably not designed to provide to that LCI detail.

    On a separate note, I see that there’s a “Global LCI dataset” that is available in eTool but somehow I do not see it as an option in my account. Is it because of the licensing restriction?

    Hi Jee Wei,

    The Australasian LCI data is predominantly the AusLCI data with an EcoInvent shadow database. You can read more about it here. Because the data is based on industry averages, I would hazard a guess that MOST of the impacts come from the iron ore being mined from Australia, shipped to China for processing then transported to wherever it’s required. However don’t quote me on that. If you really need that information you could try contacting AusLCI.

    We grant access to datasets based on a project by project basis and if you have a paid subscription and access fees (if applicable). This is because we have to pay for access to those datasets therefore we can’t just give LCI access to any user. If you have a project where you need access to the Global LCI dataset, please get in touch with us and we will help you out.

    Hope that answers your questions!

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