Biogenic carbon end of life

  • Hi Team,

    First time having to model some CLT in eTool and I just noticed that it’s using a Wood Landfill process. A quick look on the forums and I found this;

    My understanding is that CLT does not decompose / breakdown anaerobically in landfill (since the lignin and laminate coating protects the cellulose from methane producing microorganisms).

    If I wanted to change this, how do I change the end of life process (i.e., I would want to just release all the carbon at eol (no methane). So biogenic in, biogenic out. No gains/loss (Although, I’m aware that ‘biogenic in and out isn’t entirely accurate’ since it’s not always exactly net zero). Looks like I can only select this landfill process or no process, which isn’t accurate either. I’d need some kind of inert landfill connection that does an artificial biogenic carbon release as well.

    Hi Mike,

    You’re right. To be compliant with EN 15804+A2 all biogenic carbon must be released or transferred to nature at the end of life. We’re currently working on updating eTool to be able to model this but right now we’re not quite there yet.

    Currently, it’s complex because within eTool we have deliberately included a relatively limited number of end of life options – this has been done for simplicity of modelling. It also wasn’t an issue under EN 15804+A1. Because there are so many biogenic materials in the database, all with varying biogenic carbon contents, it isn’t possible to just update the EoL process and have it cover everything. I also don’t think it’s practical to add in tens or potentially hundreds of new EoL processes to cover all possibilities.

    We’ll be moving to +A2 compliance within the next couple of months, but I expect it will require a software solution, rather than simply new EoL options. In the interim the only thing I can suggest is to create a mock-EPD to cover the end of life release of the biogenic carbon. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it’s a workaround for now.

    If you need any help with that it would be best to log a support request:


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