Bulk Swap tool for Infrabuild Reinforcement Bar EPD

  • Hi All,

    Familiar with the Bulk Swap tool for substituting Concrete mixes, etc. Can anyone explain why I’m unable to substitute the typical reinforcement bar for the EPD equivalent such as “Reinforcement Bar – foundations, EPD InfraBuild (A1-A3) (kg)”?

    No EPD Reinforcement Bar options appear under the “Step 2 – Specify Changes” section.


    Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately the Bulk Swap tool can only be used for materials that are in the dataset material library. To replace existing materials with an EPD, you’ll need to do this manually.

    You’re welcome to submit a feature request on our support site though. Features that get up to 20 votes will be added to our software development roadmap. Please follow the instructions in this support post on how to submit a feature request.

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