Carpet Underlay for Standard Practice

  • Hi eTool team, hoping to get some more info on the material ‘Carpets and Floor Coverings | Underlay | Nylon’ (and the other carpet underlay options – rubber, polypropylene).

    For Material Quantity, when entering a m2 (default) value, it appears to use 400g/m2. Validated templates such as ‘Floor Covering – Carpet (glue down/Nylon)’ use this too.

    However, when I look at products available on the market, e.g. Mohawk Thematic Thread, or Interface Nylon with Glasbac, these appear to have backing/underlay systems which are 1900 – 2700g/m2.

    See Mohawk and Interface products EPDs:

    So for a standard practice or reference carpet underlay, I’m wondering if we should be accounting for more material mass and/or types. Or would you consider that the Mohawk and Interface carpet products have a lot more material backing than what’s typical in industry (noting this is for commercial projects, offices etc.)?

    Hi Sam,

    The default figures in our material library are based on industry averages. I would assume that the Interface & Mohawk carpets are ‘higher end’ products which wouldn’t be representative of the ‘average’ carpet.

    Unless you can provide references that confirms that ‘business-as-usual’ in commercial/office buildings have thicker carpet underlays (i.e. NCC requirement for min carpet thickness), I would suggest sticking with the industry average defaults in the Reference Design.

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