Complex project

  • Dear all,
    I am assessing an educational campus which has central services units. Hence, I would like to inquire about the proper method to feed in information for a complex project with several buildings.
    I shall appreciate your feedback

    Hi Walaa, apologies for the Spam replies to your post. We’ll implement some governance on that to prevent n the future. For several buildings, we recommend creating a “Structure” for each Building and modelling them separately. In due course we will implement project level LCA reporting which will automatically aggregate your building’s results. It could be all modelled under one building but it will be difficult to manage (potentially), if this was the chosen path I would recommend creating a separate function for each building within the design.

    To gather the data I suggest you check out:

    eToolLCD workflow

    Data Collection and Entry

    Preparing for an LCA

    We are also developing a Revit Plugin which should be released in the coming months. This may help your data collection process.

    It would be a good idea to attend our next training course. See upcoming events here:

    Training & Events

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