Concrete mix with BFS and Fly ash

  • Hi can anyone provide advice on how to model concrete with a mix containing both blast furnace slag and fly ash (eg 15%FA + 20% BFS)?

    Hi Erwin,

    Assuming that your mix is of 40MPa strength and it’s for foundations (reinforcement to be added separately). I would suggest that you model it following the steps below as a rough representation:
    1) Clone the ‘Poured Concrete – Foundations, 40MPa’ template.

    2) Change the material inputs to the following to add up into a total of 140m3 as per default template quantity.
    concrete mix
    3) Leave all other inputs as is.
    4) If you wish to make this template available for public use, please submit for validation.

    Let me know once you’ve created this new template!

    How would I go about making a 30MPa concrete mix with 30% Fly ash and 20% BFS? The images in this post are unavailable

    Hi Madeline & Erwin,
    Please note that we have created a new support post on how to model custom concrete mixes with two new templates.

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