Construction Equipment – Biodiesel

  • Hi there,

    I was wondering how one would model 5% bio diesel in construction equipment?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Calum,
    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    In the “Equipment” library, you would find “Biodiesel Combustion in Construction Equipment (no transport)” and “Diesel Combustion in Construction Equipment (no transport). These can be added/edited in the “Equipment” category at the Design level.
    In the case that you would like to model 5% bio diesel and 95% diesel used by construction equipment. If you know the litres of bio diesel and diesel that would be required, you should be able to calculate and add the fuel amounts for the 5% and 95%. However, please note that one of the main differences between selecting a piece of equipment and simply entering the diesel used by construction equipment is the transport distances associated with bringing equipment to site. For example, the default transport distance for bringing the 25t excavator to site is 75km.
    In other case, let’s say the template already includes Excavator, 15t, Diesel with 100% diesel. Then, I would suggest trying to add the bio diesel litreage (5%) to the template. You could then add a negative quantity of diesel, so that there is only 95% diesel fuel remaining in the underlying template.
    This should allow you to:
    – Retain the transport impacts of bring the equipment to site
    – Add the impacts associated with using Biodiesel
    – Remove the impacts of the diesel replaced
    However, please bear in mind that there may be other underlying assumptions that make up the ‘Construction’ impacts in the ‘Excavator, 15t, Diesel’. I would suggest testing and comparing the impacts (i.e. GWP) to see if it is appropriate.
    Let me know how you go.

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