Converting Life-Cycle Indicators into a Single Indicator (e.g. IS Enviropoints)

  • Posting this question posed by one of our users, as the answer could be useful to others:

    Do you if there is a standard or methodology for converting the end point LCI’s into one LCI or another single number indicator?

    ISCA does this by converting all LCI’s into IS Enviropoints, however this process is not stated. I have done a bit of research but nothing directly stating how to convert into one value.

    Hi Robin,

    eToolLCD has just released V15 of our default data sets that include a pre-calculated IS Enviropoint 2.0. This is a different from the V1 Enviropoint (so please reach out if your project is using the old IS Rating Tool and we’ll add this as an indicator. Alternatively when running reports you should also be able to choose the “IS Enviropoint” normalisation and weighting method for most reports.

    Hope that helps. We may convert this into a dedicated support article as normalisation and weighting (such as Enviropoints) is a topic that’s gaining more and more attention.


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