Embodied Carbon Assessment

  • Hi,

    How do you recommend using the software to only assess embodied carbon for stages A1-A5?

    Specifically in the case of a fitout, we want to capture the benefit of reusing/refurbishing items and want to quantify this with respect to embodied carbon. Can you please recommend how this can be done using eTool?
    We generally use the software for cradle-to-grave LCA, but we’re concerned with a cradle to gate assessment for the fitout and usnure how or if I can utilise eTool for this activity.



    Hi Ann-Liz,

    If you wish to only report on modules A1-A5, you can do this quickly by turning off the unwanted modules in the Project level. You can continue to use all our existing templates in the library and the software will automatically pull out the relevant data for you. Please note that once your design is certified, these modules will be locked and you won’t be able to change them.

    Please refer to this support post on how to model reuse/refurbishment strategies.

    Please also refer to this post for more detail on how to demonstrate the benefits of adaptive reuse strategies according to EN 15978 with template suggestions.

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