EN15978 Summary Results

  • Dear eTool, previously we were able to generate Excel spreadsheet reports covering the impact unit per m2 GFA for each respective module (which allowed easy copy and paste into Green Star LCA calculators).
    Now, that functionality seems to have been replaced with whole range of new report formats but none of which allows for easy copy and paste the results from a spreadsheet for all impacts (and additional impact categories) into the Green Star LCA calculators.
    The closest I got was the Detailed Impacts summary but it doesn’t cover the Additional Impacts reporting for Proposed Case and the results are not provided per m2 GFA.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated; I should not need to do so much backward processing just to get results to paste into a Green Star calculator

    Hi Etool,

    I’m in the same position.

    Please advise.


    Hi Max & Joe,

    Please use the ‘All Impact Details’ report > ‘Environmental’ or ‘Environmental Pivot Table’ sheet to regenerate the EN158978 Summary Results table. I hope that helps!

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