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  • Ann-Liz Hourani


    For the project I’m working on at the moment, I added a carpet EPD to the design as an improvement on the reference case. In the reference designs, the carpet had a high impact on the GWP so I was expecting some measure of % improvement when recording the EPD as a recommendation. However, it just shows 0. I’ve made sure to choose the reference design as a benchmark, but it still doesn’t show any improvement. Is there another reasoning for this?
    I also checked the GWP impact for the EPD, and it is much lower than using generic carpet template, but there is a huge impact attributed under ‘Other’. What’s the ‘other’and is that why it doesn’t actually record any improvement against the benchmark?

    Hi Ann-Liz,

    Do you mean that the column for “% Saving Against Benchmark” in the recommendations page is showing zeros? But the GWP savings is showing a minus value? If that’s the case, it just means that you have not specified a benchmark design in the ‘Details’ tab of your design. You can scroll down the drop down list to select your base design under ‘This Structure’.

    However if the GWP is ALSO showing zeros, then there must have been a mistake during the recording stage of the recommendation.

    Hope that helps!

    Just following on this thread with EPD recommendations, please clarify that when we add EPD recommendations to a project we must also adjust the materials being replaced by that EPD?
    For instance, if only 50% of all nylon carpets in the building are linked to the EPD, then we adjust the original quantity of nylon carpets accordingly for the EPD replacing that certain percentage?

    Hi Max,

    When you add a carpet EPD to the design to replace X% of the original carpet template, you’ll need to adjust the quantity of the original carpet template to reflect the amount replaced with the carpet EPD. Don’t forget to ensure that when you’re recording the recommendation that you ensure that this whole process is recorded before you hit the ‘stop recording’ button.

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