Issue viewing projects for org users

  • We have hit a bit of an issue in regards to viewing projects across our organisational profile.

    As we have moved to the enterprise plan with one Specialist seat, it opens us up to having our projects available to multiple users in our organisation rather than just for personal viewing.

    Our newest eTool user, was keen to view some of our past certified projects to get a better feel how to navigate and what templates were used. While he can see the projects under our company dashboard, when he clicks into it he can’t view any of the structures or projects. Has this come up with other users?

    I’ve tried switching him onto the Specialist seat, but that didn’t make any difference.

    Ideally, even under a ‘Read Only’ seat we should be able to see the projects and subsequent templates used to build up the models right?

    Any feedback/insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Great question. To view a project that is owned by an org there’s a few conditions:

    1. The project ownership must be set to he org
    2. The user must be a member of the org and have a “Read Only”, “Enterprise” or “Specialist” set allocated to them.
    3. At least one of the structures in the project must have the user listed as a “Read Only”, “Collaborator” or “Lead” in the collaborators tab.

    Thanks for reaching out.  This video explains the process of assigning collaborator status to a project / structure from about the 6 minute mark.


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