LCA for Mobile Plant

  • How would one best go about making an LCA for plant equipment and infrastructure being moved on a frequent basis (eg yearly)? Plant would include large items like sheds, conveyors, mobile transfer stations etc. The plant would only require movement, and none of the equipment or plant would be put to waste/recycled. The plant equipment and infrastructure would only be moved around on site, within the boundary of the same facility.

    Would the best way be to incorporate impacts for the machinery (that you would use to uninstall then reinstall aspects of the plant) and installation impacts from personnel and equipment?


    Hi Julianne,

    That’s an interesting one! I think that the inputs for the uninstall/reinstall impacts should be entered under the ‘People’ & ‘Equipment’ categories. I.e. number of trades people with small/large electrical tools for uninstalling/reinstallation at a churn rate of 1 year.

    I would recommend that you create a custom template for each equipment/infrastructure that is being moved so that you could mix and match them for different projects as required.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Hi Fei,

    Makes sense! Thanks for your help.


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