Lifecycle module C for timber products

  • I have a project that wishes to use CLT slabs and have been comparing the LCI data to general EPDs for CLT products.

    I notice that EPDs generally assume the timber product is chipped and incinerated during module C and the carbon sequestered is released back into the atmosphere (this giving a +ve GWP over modules A-C) whereas the LCI data in eTool (IMPACT and eTool defualt) does not seem to make this assumption (the GWP over modules A-C remains -ve). Could you therefore give me an idea of what module C is accounting for in timber products in the LCI databases, such as just removing the timber and taking it to landfill with no release of sequestered carbon?


    Hi BC,

    Apologies for the delayed reply. I believe we may have covered this question in another forum post here:

    Hope that answers your question!

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