New functional unit and electricity grid for NWIS

  • Hi,
    Would it possible for Etool to confirm:
    Can you create a new functional unit Annual Throughput Tonne?
    Why is there a recurring impact in the library template?
    Can you add a new electricity grid for NWIS in Western Australia?

    Hi Thi Thai Hien,
    Please find below my answers.
    1) Yes we can, however this will only be implemented after we’ve ascertained the need or level of priority for this functional unit with regards to all our users.
    2) I’m not quite sure what this question is about, however usually there’s a recurring impact because there is some kind of maintenance/replacement required for some input in the template. If not, this can be due to the template’s life cycle being shorter than the assumed study life of the template library ‘environment’. This support post might be helpful.
    3) Yes we can, however as per the answer when this will be implemented will depend on the need/priority level for this grid. At this point in time, our userbase has a very low demand for this grid.

    However, we may be able to expedite certain feature requests for a fee if this is critical for your study. Please contact our BD team for a quote if you’d like to explore this option.

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