Portland cement quantities in concrete mixes

  • Hi,

    I have had a query from the GBCA regarding the Portland Cement quantities within the concrete mixes in eTool.

    They were wondering if the Portland cement content within the concrete mixes aligns with the Green Star manual (D&AB Credit 19.B1) and as defined in AS 1379.

    I know that etool uses the Australasian LCI database. But we were wondering if there is any way of knowing how much Portland cement is within each concrete strength grade for the Portland cement blends available within etool library if they had 0% slag of Fly Ash.

    Concrete Strength Portland Cement Content
    Grade (MPa) (kg/m3)
    20 280
    25 310
    32 360
    40 440
    50 550
    65 550
    80 610
    100 660


    Hi Ruvini,

    Thanks for your query. As you’ve already pointed out, our data is based on the AusLCI datasets and there is currently no easy way for a standard eToolLCD user to pull out that information from the software. That information however will be based on industry average figures. Therefore assuming that Green Star’s assumptions are based on typical statistics, the LCI data would probably be pretty close to similar.

    If you wish, you can actually download the material datasets from AusLCI in spreadsheet format and inspect the data yourself. All you need to do is to register an account and you can download those spreadsheets for free. 🙂

    Thanks Fei! We touched based with AusLCI database and it appears they are similar.

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