Re-use of Structural Components

  • Our project is retaining a large portion of the existing structural timber slabs and columns (%TBC), reducing the overall quantities of concrete and reinforcement required for the design.

    We would like to confirm our approach to Reference and Proposed cases are correct.

    – Reference Case will include all sq meters on the project as a brand-new building. Example: 30,000 sq m new building
    – Proposed Case will include the % reduction of the structural components. Example: We reduced/delete from this 30,000 sq m the % of structural components reuse.

    If this approach is correct,

    1. What level of detail is expected to be provided by the structural engineers to quantify the reductions/reuse of structure?

    Hi Patricia,

    Based on your description, yes, that’s how you’d model it to capture the benefits of reusing the existing structure.

    With regards to your second question, general layout drawings that show the areas that were retained and which areas were demolished or new-built will be sufficient evidence. However the lead author should also provide some workings/material take-offs to demonstrate how you’ve arrived at the assumptions/quantities you’ve modeled in eToolLCD (i.e. your calculations on how you arrived at the % of structural components retained).

    I hope that answers your question.

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