Revit Integration with eTool Template Updates

  • In terms of integration between BIM and eTool, I realised that when I make changes in the Revit model, eTool template does not update impact results in a syncronised way without going back to the ‘Import’ section in eTool and matching the template again with model categories. For example, when I changed the total wall area in the Revit model, the ‘Quantity’ information in the ‘Templates’ menu is updated at the same time. However, the impact results remain still the same as the previous results. Should I assign the ‘Templates’ to the materials every time when I make changes in the Revit model? Is this a normal requirement for the process, or is there something that I am doing wrong?

    Hi Seyma,

    Apologies for the late reply. Yes there is a link however if you make any changes in Revit it won’t update in eToolLCD without refreshing the ‘Import’ section (i.e. ‘Upload to eTool’ button in Revit). This is only if new items have been added in Revit when you definitely need to match them to templates again. Material quantity changes in Revit should flow through into eToolLCD automatically. Please be aware that any changes in eToolLCD won’t be translated back into the Revit model though. So the link is a one-way traffic.

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