Shared EPDs or Templates

  • Hi,

    We’ve created some EPDs / Templates in one of our accounts, however they are not visible for the other users sharing the same organization account. How can we make them visible for the rest of us?

    Hi Iris,

    At this point the software is unable to share EPDs or templates with other enterprise users. For templates, they need to be validated and made public first before it can be publically accessible.

    With regards to EPDs, be aware that there is currently no validate function at this point but EPDs can be shared publically. This means that the EPD library will probably have a number of ‘rubbish’ EPDs, so it comes with a ‘Use With Caution’ disclaimer. In the future when EPDs become more widely used, we will probably add this functionality to raise the quality of our EPD library.

    Meanwhile, if this is a feature that you want us to expedite, you can vote for it here.

    Hi Iris,

    Please note that we’ve released a new feature with the recent software update. If you wish to share EPDs within your organisation, you may consider the following from this EPD support post:

    Here’s the link to the support post on sharing templates within an organisation.

    Hope that helps!

    Hello! There doesn’t appear to be an ‘EPD support post’. I am also interested in sharing the EPDs I have input with the rest of my organisation. Is this possible?

    Hi Dyana,

    The previous link was broken, please refer to this support post about Using EPDs in eTool

    Please note that if you’re looking to share an EPD within your organization, you’ll need to create a custom template to include the EPD first. Once that’s all set, you can easily share the template with everyone in your organization. Here’s the link to the support post on sharing templates within an organisation.


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