Should scope of a Community Centre include facilities provided on site

  • this would include impacts associated with basketball courts and play areas (a lot of extra concrete).
    Definition of EN15978 suggests that this is part of the purpose of the building (to provide recreational activities for the community) however it seems far from the definition of the physical characteristics of the building 7.5.2. Is there any further guidance on this?

    Hi Mike,

    I’d say the external works should be included within the scope of the assessment. Under clause 7.1 of EN 15978, the object of assessment is “the building, including its foundations and external works within the curtilage of the building’s site” where “the curtilage […] shall be consistent with the […] intended use of the building”.

    Given that the facilities external to the building (but still on the site) are part of the intended use of the facility, I believe they should be included.

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