Subscription Clarification

  • Hi,

    I have selected to subscribe to the Specialist plan (500USD/month) but have noted in the email confirmation that it is for the ‘Enterprise’ plan.

    However, when I look under my profile, it shows I have an ‘Enterprise Membership’ with a specialist seat with the company, and that my current plan is still the ‘Open Use’ one.

    Can you please help to confirm that we are now subscribed to the Specialist plan and not the Enterprise one, and advise how my current plan has Specialist access?

    Thank you.


    I can confirm that you are subscribed to the Specialist plan. You can check this by navigating to your organisation portal and selecting the “Manage Users” tab. There should at least be a Specialist seat that is available in your organisation.

    When you look under “My Plan”, that shows your own personal plan which is only relevant to the Open Use and Consultancy plan. Purchasing either an Enterprise or a Specialist plan will make “Enterprise Memberships” appear and create your organisation portal. If you are able to see “Specialist seats” under “Enterprise Memberships” then that means that you are subscribed to the Specialist plan.

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