Unusually high A4 impacts for Concrete templates

  • I’ve added 1m3 of a few different poured concrete templates to my test design and have noticed that my A4 impacts seem unusually high for the quantity modeled. Can you please explain why this is so?

    Hi Eko,

    Thanks for your question! The reason the A4 impacts are proportionately so high is because the template is still assuming that you’re transporting a whole concrete truck to site to pour 1m3 of concrete. This is clearly unrealistic. However you would also never only have 1m3 of concrete for a typical construction project. Therefore when you compare templates in your test design, please ensure that you model a larger quantity to give you a more accurate A4 figure. After adding the larger template quantity to your design, you can divide the results with the total m3 quantity you’ve modeled to give you a more accurate kgCO2e/m3 figure.

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