What is the Grid Carbon Factor

  • Can you tell me what the carbon factor is for the different grids in eTool?

    You can find out the carbon factors for different grids for yourself by using eTool!

    Just follow the steps below:
    1. Make sure you’re using the latest LCI Source dataset in the Project Level.


    2. Change the Predicted Service Life of your study to 1 year. For more information on service life, refer to this support post.

    3. Click into the ‘Operational Energy’ category in your design and click the green ‘+Add Operational Energy‘ button at the top right corner.

    4. Enter the inputs for 1000kWh/year of electricity using the grid that you’re wanting to find out the carbon factor for.
    5. Click ‘Save’.
    6. The GWP impact is your carbon factor in kgCO2e/GWh (or divide by 1000 to get kg CO2e/kWh).
    7. You can even compare different grids by adding different inputs with different grids, however for a comparison with IMPACT dataset you will need to create a whole new project that uses the IMPACT dataset. Please read this link for why.

    – The carbon factor will vary between different LCI versions of the dataset even if it’s the same grid. Please use the latest version of the dataset for the most accurate figures.
    – Decarbonised grids (i.e. SAP 10 etc) will not have a fixed carbon factor since this assumes a carbon intensity that decreases over time and is not static. Therefore do not use decarbonised grids to compare carbon factors with other non-decarbonised grids.


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