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  • Hi eTool,

    Please can you confirm what materials are covered in your database for the window material options? E.g. “Glazing | Windows | Aluminium Framed | No Thermal Break | Double Glaze | Commercial Fixed” – does this cover the glazing or the aluminium frame? Or both? If both, how do you account for the frame thickness and ratio of frame to window?

    Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for your question. I believe the data would be based on whatever the ‘industry average’ aluminium framed commercial double-glazed fixed window is. It’s the whole window unit so it would include both the glass and frame. For more specific frame thickness & ratio specifications used, you’ll need to inspect the source AusLCI/EcoInvent dataset which you can access via this post:

    I hope that answers your question.

    Hi eTool Team,

    I’m looking to model the carbon savings for Caprals LocAL aluminium framing. At this stage they don’t have an EPD, some information here:

    Aware that we would need an EPD for a final certification, however for now just need to run some quick background calculations.
    I reviewed Fei’s link to the AusLCI dataset – however dataset for the Double Glazed window is not there. Can you please share the data set and what inputs have been included for kg of Aluminium / sqm?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for sharing the whitepaper. Cool to know there’s ‘lower carbon’ aluminium. However it still wasn’t clear to me WHY their aluminium has a GWP of 8 CO2e/kg of AL or less and what assumptions they’ve used in their figures (i.e. does it include transport to site impacts? What are the recycled content & EoL recycling assumptions? etc).

    According to our default dataset, 1kg of extruded aluminium has a life cycle GWP of 10.4kg/yr at industry average 35.33% Recycled Content, 57.33% EoL Recycling Rate including transportation impacts on- and off-site and end of life impacts.

    I hope that gives you a rough idea on what the approx GWP figures are for the default dataset aluminium.


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