Zintra sticks equivalent material

  • Hi eTool, wondering if I could get your opinion on the equivalent or closest material(s) in the AusLCI data set to represent the following product –

    Hi Sam,

    Firstly I would suggest that you chase the manufacturers up for an EPD. If they claim to be sustainable, they should back that up with an EPD. As consumers, we need to make it industry standard practice and hold manufacturers accountable for their claims to reduce green-washing.

    If there is no EPD available, the next step is to find out from the supplier/manufacturer what exactly that product is made from and then find a material that is most suited for this product. From their website, it looks like most of it (95%) is made from recycled PET. Unfortunately, it looks like we do not have PET in our material library. I believe the “Insulation | Rigid Foams and Boards | Polyethylene | Polyethylene” material would be most similar to your product. The conservative approach in lieu of an EPD, would be to go with this material as a proxy. However, please pay attention to the weight/density of the material when you add it to your design/template. I would recommend adding it by weight rather than volume.

    Hope that answers your question!

    Thanks for the response, Fei. I arrived at PE insulation board as the best option too, but am not fully comfortable using it as a proxy without knowing if is really representative even when adjusting for density.

    On another note – we are also looking at mineral fibre ceiling tiles, which are quite common for their acoustic performance. Unfortunately I don’t see this material as an option in the database either. There is the template -https://etoollcd.com/Library/Template/Index/44771 – which uses mineral fibre insulation as a proxy, similar to what you’ve suggested for the PET board.

    In both these cases I’m wondering how closesly this could match, whether it’s in the ballpark. I imagine manufacturing process and energy could vary significantly. If you have any further thoughts on this it would be much appreciated. Also wondering if there AusLCI could comment or if there is chance these materials could be added to the database. Or if there are other databases we could check as a comparison.

    Hey eTool just following up in case this one has been missed?

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