Add Hydraulic Oil as an LCI Material

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Library Motivation (why we need this feature): Hydraulic Oil is used extensively in infrastructure to move large, heavy items. The maintenance interval of the oil is frequent in large scale applications, and will potentially contribute to >1% overall scope 3 emissions for some projects., Which regions need the feature?: Australia and New Zealand, Which projects types does the feature support?: Infrastructure, Which ratings systems require the feature?: n/a,

The addition of Hydraulic Oil as a material allows the creation of hydraulic ram and hydraulic cylinder templates.


  1. Robin Campbell

    Using an EPD could be a good interim solution while waiting for hydraulic oil to be added to the LCI database. There is already a mineral oil EPD in the library that could be a good proxy, and there may be a hydraulic oil EPD or LCA study that can be entered into the library.

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