Add “In LCA Scope” column in All Impacts Report

5 years agoopen2
Motivation (why we need this feature): Reduce confusion when using the All Impacts Report without removing functionality for those that want to see all raw data. , Which regions need the feature?: Global, United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Fit Outs, Landscaping, Other, Which ratings systems require the feature?: No requirements. Would be helpful for all though,

Currently the All Impacts Report publishes all impacts regardless of whether they have been selected as “In Scope” or not at the project level. Whilst it is useful to see all the impacts in raw form in many circumstances, there should be a column in the All Impacts Report that specifies if the element is in scope or not. That way filtering the in / out of scope items is easier.


  1. Andy Williams

    Yes, i would be in favour of this. i can see the value in reporting all the modules but an easier way to distinguish between full impacts and those in scope for the study would make sense.

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