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Motivation (why we need this feature): It would be convenient for users whose construction data is only available in this format., Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Landscaping, Which ratings systems require the feature?: N/A,

I would like to have the option to enter the total fuel, water & electricity used by equipment in the construction phase rather than just equipment hours.


  1. Andrew D2759

    Adding electricity to the list would be great. This vastly improves the power of the software too.

    It would be even better if users were actively notified somehow if they entered data for a module that was previously defined in the project as being out of scope. At the moment if you have the Construction phase excluded from the assessment but add some equipment you will get, for example, a GWP of ZERO. This implies that the environmental impacts as being insignificant BUT it can be because of your scope definition. It would be better to have a greyed out figure or figure in brackets or have a message saying that it is currently out of scope and not zero.

  2. Richard Haynes

    Hi George, fair comment but it should be noted that eTool already allows reporting of this element by adding equipment use (which has the added benefit of enabling estimation of the transport of equipment to / from site). That said we have already delivered some of this functionality with fuel use. Electricity to come.

  3. George3588

    This is a key feature of any construction carbon footprint assessment, and one area that clients and contractors have some level of control over. Being able to report on this element is important in presenting a complete life cycle assessment.

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