Customized Concrete Mix Design

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Design Optimisation Motivation (why we need this feature): Allows users to test positive and/or negative impacts of customized concrete design mix, Which regions need the feature?: Global, Australia and New Zealand, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Which ratings systems require the feature?: Not at the moment,

Appreciate eTool has good selection of Concrete mix with different % Replacement of SCM content. However with increasing focus on embodied carbon of materials (and concrete) in the industry, it will be good if there is an option to customize concrete mix design to study the impact of different SCM replacement, as well as use of manufactured sand/reclaim water etc. The GWP factors are available in ISCA IS Materials tool/


  1. Andrew D2759

    Can this be done by adjusting the input materials and quantities in the templates?
    If not, an easy fix would be to add these input materials to the eTool LCI database.

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